New Hope Premium Fountain

The carbon footprint of a bottled beverage is 10X that of a fountain product.

Carbon Foorprint - 10x less

Roughly 38 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills each year-100 million every day! That's enough, laid end to end, to reach china and back. Take a look at our bottle counter when you visit. It keeps a running tally of discarded plastic bottles. It's eye-opening.

It takes over 700 years for plastic to decompose. This is why at New Hope Fountain we offer completely compostable cups with every fountain installation.

It takes three bottles worth of water to make and distribute one disposable plastic bottle of soda.

It takes 1/3 plastic bottle of petroleum to make and distribute one plastic bottled beverage.

Fewer than 1/3 of all plastic bottles are ever recycled.

For all these reasons and more, New Hope Fountain is dedicated to using only sustainable materials in our product distribution.

Healthy Planet

New Hope Fountain is the way to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

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